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Facebook FriendAdder is a complete marketing tool for Facebook. It is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux. It is a tool that allows you to automatize most of your Facebook marketing tasks to speed them up and reach a higher number of users. There are quite a few features available in this app, so I will do my best to briefly describe the most important ones.

For starters, Facebook FriendAdder allows you, as the name suggests, to add friends to your Facebook account or accounts. Most Facebook marketers use several accounts to reach their targets, and this application also allows you to manage those. Once all your accounts are added to the interface, you can send friend requests to several users from one or many accounts. You can also send them messages and automatically remove any requests that you have made or accept friend requests on any of your accounts. If you don't have accounts, you can click on a link which takes you to an account sales program.

Facebook FriendAdder has support for proxy servers. You can add as many as you want and assign different servers to different accounts.

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